Photo Images by Reg Belletty



 The digital photographs in my gallery have been processed in digital imaging Adobe Photoshop   software. The functionality of the softwares filter effects and artistic options lends itself to developing a stronger interpretative style on the subject matter as well as offering greater artistic flexibility. The most effective way of doing this is to translate the stronger characteristics and associations of the raw unprocessed imagery to the feeling and mood of the events photographed. Using Photoshop's filter effects gives one the greater latitude to explore numerous interpretative avenues, to give images a different meaning or stronger message/impact.    The images come alive in a different way !




Album descriptions:



 The photographs in this album have an impressionistic art form style with a modern slant to it.


 Mystery and Imagination.                                                                                                          

  The images in this album shows macabre transformations into monsters and alien creatures,  some of these images are in pop-art form. The spirit world is depicted in some scenes and there  are clandestine meetings and undercover agents featured in other scenes.



  Photographs of shop window displays with reflections of the area opposite. These images tend  to create a collage of intriguing elements.



  Straightforward photographs of trees, buildings and people are transformed into duplicated              patterned images. Numerous patterns emerge from these images and take on a different  structure then the original photographs. Buildings are transformed into monoliths.      



  Photographs of areas such as Covent Garden and Soho are made into collages as well as              passersby are combined in a collage format to create a strong sense of movement and                 repetitiveness.